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The Bottleneck

Yesterday in several conversations with arts industry colleagues, everyone was clearly articulating their current circumstances and being caught in a bottleneck. It's a fine balance of feeling guilty about being the 'lucky ones' to still having work to continue with and the overwhelming workload and expectation that comes with it.

I know for me, March and April were spent busily reforming projects, adjusting to COVID-19 and the new world we were facing. Add in layers of homeschooling, casual employment and two businesses! Then it was all about waiting for the green light from the powers that be.

Now in May, many of us have that green light - on so many things at one time - and now many of us are burning the midnight oil.

It is a juggling act and we need to make sure we take care of ourselves whilst we are navigating this strange new world. When we find our new normal we all hope we will be popping that cork on that bottleneck and easing some of the pressure that our situation is placing on us - and the pressure we are often placing on ourselves to achieve so much to be ready to face this new world head on.

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