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Reviewing Your Goals

I firmly believe that having a plan is essential in mapping out your way forward with your creative career, business or project. Goal setting sits at the core of this. These plans can either sit on the shelf or get rolled out when the time is right. And every now and then, it is time to take a look at those plans and review your goals.

Circumstances change. New opportunities present themselves. As creatives, we have the capacity to think laterally and be flexible. Reviewing our goals is a way of adjusting to take advantage of the changes or opportunities that we want to embrace.

In order to determine where you are going ask yourself:

  • What opportunities do you want to embrace?

  • What is getting or could get in your way?

  • Does the opportunity align with your values?

  • Do you see a clear path forward?

  • And if you decide that changing your goals is the way to go, do you have the resources to take this new or altered path?

Reviewing your goals can help you either reaffirm your path or help you to step out in a new direction that feels right.

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