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Sometimes we artists and artsworkers need a refresh. We need to take time to reinvigorate our creativity by exploring possibilities and looking to what is next. When we are in the midst of balancing career and life, it is difficult to take time out for this. That's where a bit of planning and funding can help you pause to take that deep refreshing breath!

Image: Discussing my design process with artist Megan Spencer at the opening of Wildflower Women By Design last year (curated by Dr Sue Davis) - Sabrina Lauriston Photography


Take some time to think about the opportunities out there. Ask yourself these simple questions...

  • What do you want to learn more about in your arts practice?

  • Who would you like to learn from?

  • Is it a workshop, mentoring, project or residency that could help you to achieve this?

  • Is there an industry event coming up that you would benefit from attending from a learning or networking perspective?

  • Do you want to spend some time developing new work?

  • Do you need to test some new work out on audiences?

All of these things are fundable activities. There are a range of funding options out there from the Regional Arts Development Fund, to Arts Queensland, Regional Arts Fund and Australia Council for the Arts.

If you'd like to learn more about the funding opportunities available for your particular career development opportunity or project, join me at my online workshop next week!

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