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Finders Keepers Markets

On the weekend I had the privilege of attending the Finders Keepers Markets in Brisbane for the first time. Given the type of work The Ideas Distillery is undertaking for CQ Shopfront, I thought it was important to visit this market to check out their model, look and feel. I certainly wasn't disappointed.

Gorgeous "Hogweed" laser cut stainless steel earrings purchased from Ekcelent and Co at the Finders Keepers Markets.

The market was filled with a broad range of products. There was a lot of fashion with a strong focus on linen, cotton and hemp printed fabrics. Plenty of jewellery from silversmithing and wire to polymer clay, resin, laser cut timber and laser cut stainless steel. I just had to buy the earrings in the photo from Eckelent and Co - beautiful light weight earrings perfect for sensitive ears like mine.

There was a diverse range of ceramic wares on offer alongside digitally designed and commercially printed products from water bottles, to stationery and clutches. Timber products, manchester, up cycling, candles, hair accessories - so much to choose from. My big lesson - save up a bit more before I go next time!

For those participating in CQ Shopfront or interested in getting a range of creative products out there, The Finders Keepers markets may be an option for you. The market is carefully curated to keep a high standard of product on site. There are criteria and an application process for those interested in exhibiting. First timers can apply for a Debut Stall. This is for new and start up businesses - a one time opportunity to access the markets at a subsidised rate. A Debut Design Stall (1.5x1.5 metres) for instance is $655 for the weekend (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday). A 2x2 metre stall is $1,315. Go here to find out more about the application process.

The markets are held in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in October, November and December each year with artists from all states involved in the markets I attended on the weekend. Visiting the market was a great way of seeing what is trending and to gauge price points for different products. There is an opportunity for stallholders to network with likeminded makers, as well as the potential to invite prospective stockists and customers to view your stall whilst in the city - let alone the retail selling opportunity. Believe me, the thousands of people that were pumping through the markets were buying.

I highly recommend putting this on your calendar for next year!

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